Monday, May 30, 2011

Tracey Original Egg

The Tracey Original Egg mixture for Lunch
So delicious, you will eat it every morning!
My husband always teases me that if I call something a Tracey Original, that it will be an enjoy only one time meal. A "Tracey Original" so we like to call it, is a dish that I randomly throw together, with no direction. It is items that we happen to have on hand that are selectively chosen by me and thrown into a dish. Typically these dishes are amazingly delicious, to where everyone will savor the dish, and ask me to make sure to write it down. Which I never have time to do, and they are a once in a life time meal!

The Tracey Original Egg mixture is not a one timer. It is my lunch on most days. Very Filling, and satisfying! Sorry Vegans, this a Vegetarian recipe.

  • One sliced Mushroom
  • 3 egg whites (or)  2 whole eggs
  • Granulated Garlic ( a sprinkle)
  • Paprika ( a sprinkle)
  • Pepper ( a sprinkle)
  • Garlic ( a sprinkle)
  • Olive oil ( a spray)
  • Feta Cheese ( tablespoon)
  • Spinach or spring mix ( one hand full)
In a medium sized skillet spray olive oil. First add the mushroom saute for a minute or two on medium heat. Next add Egg and spices. Scramble until almost done and then add Feta, continue to scramble for another minute, and then add Spinach, and saute until the consistency you like!

The Health benefits to this meal is found in the Eggs, mushroom, olive oil, garlic powder, and spinach mix. 

Simple spices

Toss and scramble  

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